Heavy Duty Sludge Pumps


Centrifugal pump with volute casing, horizontal installation, single stage, overhung impeller, single and center end suction, separately coupled. Impeller is dynamically balanced. The shaft is sealed by a soft packing. Discharge nozzle is on the upper left, if viewed from shaft end. An external source used for cooling and flashing of stuffing box also preventing of penetration of abrasive liquid. One of the most important features of these pumps is the use of chang . . .

Impeller of eta pumps

ASA uses Pumps honor With the use of modern technology has . . .

high pressure pump


Horizontal high pressure centrifugal pump with impellers between bearings, separately coupled, multistage, radial (vertical) split cases. The individual casing parts are sealed by O-ring or flat gasket and are clamped together by external tie bolt.